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Fiber Optics

At American Backplane, our highly skilled engineering and production stall has experience in the connectorization methods used with many different types of fiber optic cables and connectors. We have assembled an extensive array of connectors and cable assemblies for a variety of applications, hybrid and multi-termini connectors with tight back reflection standards being our expertise. All cables undergo extensive testing and verification in adherence to industry and/or customer specified requirements. American Backplane's substantial expertise in the optical cable industry with a wide variety of connectors and fiber types allows us to respond quickly in this specialty market.

Members of American Backplane's production staff have navy shipboard experience and have spent many hours aboard U.S. Navy vessels and other military vehicles terminating fiber and testing fiber optic topologies with shipyard, navy, and marine personnel.

Bundled fiber used for illumination applications is another American Backplane expertise. We excel in the field of large core or bundled fiber terminations. Using in-house developed methods, we can terminate acrylic or glass with or without epoxy. Along with design capabilities, American Backplane is prepared to produce fiber optic illuminators and luminaries, being involved in the specialty application business for the past twenty years. Our experience and combined expertise makes American Backplane an extremely valuable member of any customer's team.


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