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Electrical Panel Assembly

American Backplane focuses on being diversified in all aspects of electrical/electronic packages. We are a UL/CUL Listed Panel Shop, file E208647, and are recognized for assemblies consisting of components such as circuit breakers, motor controllers, fused disconnect switches, control relays, and the like, with associated wiring, terminal blocks, pilot lights, etc. We can build your panel product from a sample and our engineering department can supply a complete documentation package.

Our Configuration Management Department controls and implements all engineering changes which eliminates down time due to revision changes and technical concerns. We supply project manuals with each panel along with an inspection checklist.

Quality and reliability is maintained consistent with our automated process equipment and termination presses rather than manual stripping, crimping, and wire cutting which can potentially cause the dependability of the panel to be compromised. Our extensive experience renders into high quality, safe, and proven reliable products.

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